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HIBLOW HP-120LL Pond Aerator/ Septic Linear Air Pump

HIBLOW HP-120LL Pond Aerator/ Septic Linear Air Pump

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Brand Hiblow
Color Clear
Material Alloy Steel
Style Air Pump
Product Dimensions 10.08"L x 7.87"W x 8.74"H
Power Source Ac/dc
Voltage 115 Volts

About this item

  • Premium quality and longevity. Quiet, energy efficient, oil/ lubrication free, outdoor UL rated
  • For septic and wastewater treatment systems
  • Aeration for ponds up to 1 acre at 10' or less in depth. Helps keep water clean and clear. Promotes healthy oxygen levels for fish to thrive and grow. Circulates water - evenly distributing oxygen and water temperature.
  • Can be rebuilt 2 times for the fraction of the cost of a new aerator. See HIBLOW's website - support page for a video tutorial
  • Hose connector included: 5/8" ID 90 degree L tube with clamp. Barb fitting size 5/8" OD (barb not included)
  • Pond aeration tubing recommendations: Distances between 50-100' use 1/2" ID tubing. 100'+ use 3/4" ID tubing
  • Use a medium bubble diffuser (3mm-5mm bubbles) for best results and aerator life
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