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J2500 Lokithor J2500 12V 2500A Lithium Jump Starter 55Wh

J2500 Lokithor J2500 12V 2500A Lithium Jump Starter 55Wh

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  • LOKITHOR J2500 LiFePO4 auto jump starter is a state-of-the-art device that is manufactured using 100% safe and non-hazardous energy. This advanced technology provides higher chemical stability, making the device highly resistant to thermal runaway and impervious to catching fire, even if it's punctured. With the J2500 LiFePO4 jump starter, you can use it with complete confidence, knowing that it has been designed to provide maximum safety and reliability.
  • The J2500 LiFePO4 car battery booster is a high-end device that offers an exceptional lifespan of more than 2000 cycles at 100% or 8000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. This remarkable lifespan is achieved without any decrease in performance, making the J2500 a reliable and long-lasting device. In comparison to other battery types, the J2500's lifespan is at least 5 times longer than a lead-acid battery and 2 times longer than a lithium starter. With its advanced LiFePO4 technology, the J2500 LiFePO4 jump starter provides a superior and efficient solution for jump-starting your vehicle.
  • The J2500 LiFePO4 automatic car jumper is a top-of-the-line device that features a PD 60W two-way Fast Charging capability, delivering exceptional charging performance. With its lightning-fast charging capabilities, the J2500 can fully recharge in just 1-1.5 hours, ensuring that it's always ready when you need it. Additionally, the device's 3-minute charge feature allows for a quick jump-start, providing reliable power in emergency situations.
  • With its advanced safety features, the J2500 best LiFePO4 jump starter delivers exceptional protection, providing 10 types of built-in safeguards, including spark-proof, mistake-proof, and reverse-polarity protection, to alleviate any concerns about potential malfunctions, such as short circuits or sparks. This ensures that you can use the device with complete confidence, knowing that you and your vehicle are protected from any potential hazards.
  • Unleash the full potential of the J2500 LiFePO4 car battery starter with its cutting-edge 4S1P battery cell stacking configuration, revolutionizing power delivery like never before. By intelligently stacking four high-performance cells, the J2500 LiFePO4 jump starter power pack achieves a maximum voltage of up to 14.8V, providing an unparalleled boost of energy to fuel your devices. This innovative design ensures optimal power output, enabling the J2500 LiFePO4 jump starter for semi trucks to handle demanding tasks and power-hungry applications with ease. Elevate your experience with the J2500 vehicle jump starter, where advanced technology and intelligent design converge to create a powerhouse that sets new standards in performance and reliability.
  • Experience the remarkable staying power of the J2500 LiFePO4 portable motorcycle jump starter, as it confidently stands by for an impressive 24 months on standby, thanks to its incredibly low self-discharge current of just 0.21mAh. This exceptional combination of longevity and efficiency ensures that the J2500 emergency jump starter and portable power bank remain ready to deliver a reliable power supply whenever you need it, making it the perfect choice for long-term storage or emergency situations.
  • In addition to its exceptional power starting capabilities, the J2500 LiFePO4 battery pack jump starter also features a versatile LED flashlight function that offers a multitude of lighting options. With an impressive continuous lighting duration of 72 hours, this flashlight is a reliable source of illumination in various scenarios. Whether you need a steady beam as a flashlight, an attention-catching strobe light, or an emergency SOS rescue light, the J2500 booster pack jump starter has you covered. Its adaptable design ensures you have the right lighting mode at your fingertips, making it an indispensable companion for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and everyday use. Illuminate your path, signal for help, or create visual impact effortlessly with the J2500 LiFePO4 jump starter for diesel, combining power and versatility in one robust package.
  • With its rugged and robust appearance, the J2500 LiFePO4 truck battery jump starter boasts a design that exudes durability and reliability. Its hard exterior provides enhanced protection against impact and adds a touch of strength to its overall aesthetic. Engineered to endure, the J2500 LiFePO4 professional car jump starter is ready to accompany you on your journey. Embrace the confidence of the J2500 LiFePO4 portable power jump starter that is built to last, delivering exceptional performance and standing the test of time.


Model: ‎‎J2500
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Phosphate
Voltage: ‎12 Volts
Item Weight: ‎1100 Grams
Peak Current: ‎2500 Amps
Fast Charging Time: PD 60W Two-way
Operating temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
Engine Rating: ‎8.5L Gasoline / 6.5L Diesel
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 240.32*106.50*60mm
Battery: ‎1 LiFePO4 battery is required. (included)
Bulb Type: ‎LED
Warranty: 1 Year

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