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JETWELL UL Approved Commercial High Speed Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter JW2902

JETWELL UL Approved Commercial High Speed Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter JW2902

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  • Stainless Steel
  • 【Heavy Duty】This commercial hand dryer expertly crafted of stainless steel to provide long-lasting strength and corrosion-proof, will stand up to extensive use and everyday wear and tear.
  • 【Automatic Heating】This smart hand dryer will heat on when environment temperature below 25℃, otherwise its heating is off. This will save more than 70% energy.
  • 【HEPA Filter】This automatic hand dryer built-in HEAP filter, can filtered out 99.97% of dusts from the moist restroom air, cleans the air before it blows on your hands.
  • 【UL Approved】This high speed hand dryer standard UL approved. Over-current and overheat protection, 45s overtime protection. Dryers the hands in 7-10 seconds.
  • 【2-Year Warranty】This hand dryer will works better and longer than others. We offers 2 year worry-free replacement warranty.



Product Description

commercial hand dryers with HEPA filter


Power supply 110V-120V/60HZ
Current 12A
Power capacity 1450W(Hot)/ 650W(Cold)
Air Flow 140M³/H
Sensing Range 2-6 inch
Drying time 7-10 seconds
Waterproof IPX1
Heat air 68-104°F/20-40°C
Motor Operate at 72 dB+ - (decibels) using a brush motor
Power cord Include 67 inch power cord
commercial hand dryer
commercial hand dryer jetwell

commercial hand dryer with HEPA filter

commercial hand dryer with HEPA filter

blue storm hand dryer

bule storm warm hand dryer


Cover is made of stainless steel, is a corrosion-proof and will last for a long time. Lab test more than 500,000 times without problems. With high-speed function that delivers a 7-10 second hand drying and 3 times faster.

[Sanitation with HEPA filter]

Ensures healthy and efficient hand drying. HEPA Filter remove 99.9% of particles and dusts, get the cleaning warm wind, also keep the motor cleaning, extend the life of machine.

[Elegant Design]

With a modern and sleek design, the absolute combination of drying efficiency and stylish bathroom accessory's finally here! 95% cost savings vs paper towels. Save paper, save money and save energy.

[Smart warm wind]

Blue light is on under the dryer when it working. Smart sensor will control the heating on or off according the environ temp, ensure always get comfortable warm wind. Save power and drying hands in 7-10s.

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